The extended 2019/20 season
The university has now cancelled all our bookings up to the end of this year and we are consider it unlikely that we will be informed before December about a possible restart in the spring of 2021. We will therefore continue to plan as stated in the last newsletter with the films carried forward from the 2019/20 season to be shown first and if there are more slots available then some films from the suggestion list for the 2021 season will be selected to fill them.  The 2019/20 memberships, both full and associate will be valid for the carried forward films.
There could be up to 10 additional films and for these only associate memberships will be available.  Guest tickets will be on sale for all films.

2021/22 Season
This season will hopefully begin in early October 2021 and the committee will start looking at the list of suggested films next spring.

A serious problem for the Society

Due to the covid-19 situation there has been no progress on this problem and it is unlikely to receive attention before spring 2021

The Society's Newsletter

Weekly during the season and monthly in the summer the society sends out an email newsletter with a detailed review of the next film to be screened together with other useful and interesting information. If you do not receive the Newsletter but would like to please follow the link in the footer of this page to register your interest.
The current and some earlier newsletters can be downloaded here.    June 2020,   July 2020August 2020,   September 2020

The printed leaflet

A PDF file of printed leaflet for the 2019/20 season may be downloaded by clicking on the ’50’ at the bottom of this page.

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