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The Open Film Society is a non-profit film organisation, offering some of the best alternative cinema in Milton Keynes. Housed at the Open University, the Society has excellent facilities.

Films screened are all in Blu-ray or DVD format, and are shown Wednesday evenings at 6.30 pm unless otherwise stated.

Our screening of Happy End attracted a good audience. If you found that film worthwhile then the French films from the second part of the season and shown on the right might be to your liking.

November and December

7th November:
Happy End

Dysfunctional French family practice standing on one another’s toes!

14th November:
A Fantastic Woman

A transgender woman living in Chile strives to define her place in the world.

21st November:

Wildly unhappy Russian couple drive their son to extreme measures.

28th November:
The Square

Curator of Stockholm art gallery develops inverse Midas touch.

5th December:

A Norwegian thriller, a horror film and a coming of age story all rolled into one.

19th December:
Funny Cow

A comedienne builds her reputation on the northern club circuit.

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