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Below and above are the films that we have had to postpone from the 2019/20 season.  We hope to be able to show them from January 2022 onwards.

Films carried forward from the 2019/20 season for screening in early 2022

Spring 2022:
The Heiresses

A wry look at two Paraguayan sisters whose lives are drifting towards the rocks.

Spring 2022:

A young woman living on a trailer park struggles to keep her life together. (OFS 2000)

Spring 2022:

A woman’s remarriage is overshadowed by her grief over first husband’s suicide. (OFS 1997)

Spring 2022:

Forbidden romance in a strict Jewish community in north London.

Spring 2022:
Sicilian Ghost Story

Luna’s first boyfriend Giuseppe vanishes and she tries to locate him by dreaming.

Spring 2022:

An unlikely meeting at an Indiana hospital creates an odd couple.

Spring 2022:
Woman at War

Can an Icelandic eco warrior/saboteur manage to stay a step ahead of the authorities?

Spring 2022:

A Beirut child sues his parents for giving birth to him, before ending up caring for a stranger’s baby.

Spring 2022:
The Guilty

A police officer in race against time on answering an emergency call from a kidnapped woman.

Spring 2022:
Happy as Lazzaro

A tale of Lazzaro, a young peasant, and Tancredi, a young nobleman, and their friendship.

Spring 2022:
The Workshop

A creative writing group for teens takes a violent turn in this summer school drama.

Spring 2022:

A TV writer frets about his job, his relationships, his friendships and his life generally. (OFS 1981)

Spring 2022:
Talk to Her

Two comatose women bring together the two men who care for them. (OFS 2004)

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