Membership for the 2019/20 season

The society has three grades of membership.

Full membership which provides admission to all the films shown in the season.
Associate membership which provides admission to any five films in the season.
The associate membership card has the numbers 1 to 5 on the reverse and one number is crossed out each film show visited.
Guest membership is free but the holder has to purchase a ticket at each screening attended.  We need to register guests partly because we are a society and also so that we can demonstrate the strength of our following when we seek funds from outside organisations.  Guest members receive a membership card so that they can prove they are registered with the society when they purchase admission tickets.

Cards obtained via this site will subsequently be available for collection from the Society’s desk at any film night.  Please note that tickets sought on a Wednesday may not be available until the following Wednesday.  Tickets are non transferable.

We ask all members to have a password so that for a subsequent purchase from the society they will not need to enter all their details again.

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