Open Film Society - Announcements

2019 Annual General Meeting

The Society's 2019 Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 13th February after the screening of Marjorie Prime.
The meeting will elect a new committee which have the responsibility for organising the Society's 50th Anniversary Celebration Season 2019/20.
After the the usual business of an AGM the meeting will provide an opportunity for a general discussion on the running of the Society. 

If you are interest in helping run the society please speak to any member of the committee at a film night who will be pleased to outline how the Society's committee operates.

The Society's Newsletter

During the season the society sends out a weekly email newsletter with a detailed review of the next film to be screened and with other useful and interesting information. If you do not receive the Newsletter but would like to please enter your email in the footer of this page.

The printed leaflet

A PDF file of the printed leaflet for this season may be downloaded by clicking on the leaflet at the bottom of this page.

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