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2018/19 Season

The Society has now published the full details of its 2018/19 season.  In late September copies of the printed leaflet and application forms will be sent to all members and others on the Society's mailing list.  If you do not receive this material and would like a copy please use the contacts page.
Each year one person from those who submitted suggestions for the following season is selected by a random process to receive a free full membership for the next season. This year the lucky winner is Bev Dixon.

Web site

Welcome to our new pages. We would like to receive your comments on the content and layout. Your views and suggestions for improvements may be submitted through the Contacts page

The Society's Newsletter

During the season the society sends out a weekly email newsletter with a detailed review of the next film to be screened and with other useful and interesting information. If you do not receive the Newsletter but would like to please enter your email in the footer of this page.

The printed leaflet

A PDF file of the printed leaflet for this season may be downloaded by clicking on the leaflet at the bottom of this page.

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